“I had an ordinary life. Why would anyone want to read about me? It would be boring.” So began each of my visits with 88 year old Sophie. But her story wasn’t boring, not to me and not to her friends and loved ones.

She told of growing up during the depression, watching her young husband leave for the Navy after Pearl Harbor and the thrill of seeing circus elephants out her suburban bathroom window.  She re-lived the joys of her life, including her courtship and early marriage, family vacations, favorite stories and beloved pets. As she says, she had a good life.

Such is the beauty of capturing and documenting personal history stories. Sophie’s story is told in her own words along with family pictures in her professionally printed book. She and her family decided what to include as part of her legacy to her loved ones.

When you share your story, your loved ones learn about your life and life experiences from you. They hear stories of a life much different than today. Were streetcars, laundry on the line or outhouses a part of your past? Maybe you came to this country from someplace else or built your own business.  Your family wants to hear about your experience and to know what it meant to you.

As a personal history writer, I’ve learned there is no ordinary life and everyone has a story to tell.  Together we collect all the precious stories and memories that make up a life and preserve them in a keepsake book to treasure. Each project is unique.

Contact me for a free consultation. Together, we can craft the ideal tribute for your story and your budget.