How I Do It

Sharing your story is a gift you give to yourself, as well as to others.  Through the process, you’ll re-visit people and events you haven’t thought about in years. You may even see some of your old stories in a new light. It will be an opportunity to reflect on your life and pass on your wisdom.

Project Planning

During the project planning, we discuss a basic overview of your life story, including important people, events and accomplishments. We review your vision for the book so that during the interviews we capture all the important information. At this time, we agree on an interview schedule and answer any questions you may have.


Interviews occur in a relaxed and comfortable environment. Interviews last 1 ½ to 2 hours. One Moment in Time memoirs can generally be completed with one or two interviews. Complete life stories can usually be captured in four to six interviews. All interviews are digitally recorded and then transcribed.

Story Creation

We craft your story using your words. We edit it for readability and to assure we’ve met the goals established during the project planning. At this time, you supply photos, letters and other memorabilia you want to include.

Final Edit and Print preparation

You review the manuscript for accuracy and completeness. Now is the time to make any additions, deletions or changes needed. Once we receive the manuscript back, we make your changes and then our graphic designer prepares the final layout. A final proof is provided for approval and then your book is sent to the printer.