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Shared History

Yesterday we returned from a trip to help celebrate the 50th anniversary of a church my father-in-law started. It was his first assignment as a mission pastor and he would have been so proud to see the vibrancy of the … Continue reading

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Assumption of Decency

When I introduced this blog, I said I would surely stay away from politics and organized religion as topics. Never say never. Today, I need to rant a little because there’s just way too much animosity in the air right … Continue reading

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The Heart of His Story

I had one of those, “Gee, I wonder what ever happened to …” moments today. I thought of a guy I knew in high school, actually the first boy I ever kissed. We went to a dance together and maybe … Continue reading

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What are the special traditions in your family? Here are some of my favorites: • Decorating our children’s bedrooms for their birthdays. • Cutting down our Christmas tree. • Visiting the pumpkin farm for pumpkins, apple cider and caramel apples. … Continue reading

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Hello world!

Today I’m launching my first blog. I’m very excited to be making my entrance into the online world. I’m also nervous about the commitment to blog on a regular basis. First things first A little about me. I’m a personal … Continue reading

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