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I Voted

I’ve voted in every election for which I was eligible. The voting age changed from 21 to 18 in time that I was eligible one election earlier than I would have been. I’ve always considered the right to vote an … Continue reading

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Decision by Committee

I went to a committee meeting last night. Generally, I avoid such gatherings like the plague because they make me uneasy. I made this exception because there was going to be a presentation of special interest to me. Each time … Continue reading

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Assumption of Decency

When I introduced this blog, I said I would surely stay away from politics and organized religion as topics. Never say never. Today, I need to rant a little because there’s just way too much animosity in the air right … Continue reading

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Hello world!

Today I’m launching my first blog. I’m very excited to be making my entrance into the online world. I’m also nervous about the commitment to blog on a regular basis. First things first A little about me. I’m a personal … Continue reading

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