What I Do

Each project is custom designed to meet your requirements. Here are some examples:

Life Story

A Life Story is a full-length story of the life of one person, a couple, or perhaps siblings. It is usually told in first person and incorporates personal interviews of the subject(s), as well as others who have memories to share. A Life Story includes memories and facts, as well as beliefs and hopes, along with photographs, letters or other memorabilia. A Life Story often includes additional research for historical context.

Organization History

An Organization History tells the story of a family, a business or an organization, such as a church, synagogue or club. Organization histories are popular for family businesses and for special occasions, such as community anniversaries. An Organization History is usually based on interviews with several subjects, and often includes additional research for historical context.

Celebration/Tribute Book

A Celebration or Tribute Book makes an excellent gift for a special birthday or anniversary. Pictures, letters and stories from family and friends are collected to create a unique book sure to be treasured.

One Moment in Time

A One Moment in Time memoir is the story of a specific event or period of time. It could capture the story of a courtship, a wedding story, the birth of a child or the birth of a business. A One Moment in Time memoir would include photographs and possibly other memorabilia, such as invitations or announcements.


Other projects might include a book based on your writings, a family cookbook or a book of old family pictures or letters. The possibilities are endless.

Contact me for a free consultation. We will work together to determine the scope of your project, and then provide a detailed estimate based on the time and additional professional services required.