My Kindle is Back!

It’s here! My new Kindle arrived today. I was without it for three days and I’m so glad to have it back!

When friends raved about their eReader devices, I didn’t really see the point. The tactile experience of holding a book in my hands isn’t important to me, but I really like having books to keep on the shelf or lend to a friend when I’m done. Still, my list of user friends grew. Eventually, I decided to give it a try

Well let me tell you, I LOVE my Kindle! The device itself is small, but I can adjust the font size to suit my needs. It is lightweight. For me, it’s easier to hold and read than an actual book. I can do it with one hand.

Shopping for books is a breeze; I do it directly from my Kindle or from my computer. I used to keep a list of books to read on my iPhone, but now I can just buy the book or add it to my Amazon wishlist when I hear of it. Even better, I can download a free sample and then decide if I want to buy the book after I read a little of it. Another real advantage is being able to carry so many books on the little device. I like to read when I travel and I recently ran out of books on vacation, far from a decent bookstore.

So imagine my chagrin when I settled in on the train the other day and I couldn’t wake my Kindle screen! I’d even charged it up the night before to be sure it was good to go. I pulled out my iPhone and googled “Kindle won’t wake up.” None of the advice helped, so I was left to read a book from the app on my phone. Effective, but not as comfortable or aesthetically pleasing.

When I returned home, I called Amazon for support. They ran me through a few tests and then decided to replace the unit. My new Kindle went out for overnight delivery and they emailed me a postage paid label to use to return the old one. The replacement took a couple days longer for me because of the weekend and I missed having it. I was surprised how quickly I’ve become attached to my Kindle!

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