Family Expectations

What were some of the expectations in your family? I remember a time when I learned more about my family’s expectations for me. I was in third grade.

I started the year at a new school and I was happy there. Second grade had been a tough year for me with a teacher I didn’t like. She didn’t like me either and I didn’t excel.

When the first report cards came out in third grade, I was excited. I had B’s and even a couple A’s and only one C. I rode my bike home as fast as I could so I would catch my mother before she left for work. I was breathless as I met her in the driveway and proudly handed my report card to her.

She reviewed it and the first grade that caught her eye was the B I got in conduct. She let me know she was disappointed. As a good girl, she said, I should always have an A in conduct. She didn’t care about the other grades, but I should never get a B in conduct again. I wasn’t punished, but I knew she was disappointed.

I understood that day that the expectations for my behavior were very high. I didn’t back off on the academics because I was competitive and always wanted to succeed. But I also made sure my behavior was its best to be sure I maintained the A in conduct that was expected.

What were some of the expectations in your house when you were growing up?  How have they affected your life and who you became?  What expectations did you set for your children?  Do you think they would answer the same way you do?

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