A Daily Journal

I really know better but sometimes I am my own worst enemy. I understand the importance of a daily journal. And yet here I sit, trying to reconstruct my adventures of the last two weeks.

I just returned from an amazing trip to Thailand. Bangkok is halfway around the world, twenty two hours of travel time away and somehow, I lost a calendar day in the process of getting there. It took a couple days to get my bearings.

Then we flew to a different city. There, I bought a new journal, one appropriate for the experience. It was covered with elephants!

It was still another day or two before I sat down with a pen. When I did, I had to work to remember what we did when and which temple was which. Then I would put off writing because I needed to check the names of the temples we visited, or the dishes we ate. We were really busy, so it was pretty easy not to find the time.

I’m several days behind, but I’m working through it. These are memories I already treasure and it is easily worth the effort. I need to capture them now, because each day they fade just a little. And besides, as soon as I’m done I have to sort my pictures!


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