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Back to School

The children are heading back to school in my area. I see them waiting at the bus stop. The little ones are accompanied (mostly) by mothers with coffee cups. The middle schoolers work hard to look cool, while the high … Continue reading

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This post is a salute to the 20th anniversary of the Association of Personal Historians. Today, personal historians everywhere are blogging about our own lives when we were twenty. For more stories from the “Me@20” series, visit my colleagues Kathleen … Continue reading

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A Mother Reminisces

With Mothers’ Day approaching, I’m thinking about motherhood. Specifically, my own experience. Please forgive my indulgence today as I expound upon my joys being mother. For years, I said that each phase of my children’s development was my favorite. I … Continue reading

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College Years

I just received news in the mail that I have a new occasion to celebrate. It turns out it’s been forty years since I was initiated into a sorority freshman year in college. To be more specific, Chi Omega is … Continue reading

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The Pastor’s Wife

In 2008 when I was finishing a degree in adult development, I needed a capstone project in order to graduate. As I considered my options, I thought about a woman I know. Since she always wanted to document her story, … Continue reading

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World’s Columbian Exposition

Ever since I read Erik Larson’s book, The Devil in the White City, I’ve been fascinated by the Chicago World’s Fair in 1893, the World’s Columbian Exposition. The book is the story of the fair interleaved with a murder mystery … Continue reading

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Follow the Journey

Last summer, I happened upon information about a story I believe bears telling. Ten years ago, I discovered the father I never knew was lost at sea in 1977. Over the last few months, I’ve learned a lot about the … Continue reading

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