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Early Life Together

Like most couples, we spent the early part of our relationship exploring the landscape of a shared life. Two people from disparate backgrounds come together to live as one, often in small quarters with limited resources, but big dreams.  At … Continue reading

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A Daily Journal

I really know better but sometimes I am my own worst enemy. I understand the importance of a daily journal. And yet here I sit, trying to reconstruct my adventures of the last two weeks. I just returned from an … Continue reading

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A Rose for my Desk

Last Wednesday, I stopped by the florist to pick up a flower for my desk. I’m trying to rush spring so my first choice was daffodils, but they didn’t have any. I decided on a single yellow rose, but again, … Continue reading

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The Heart of His Story

I had one of those, “Gee, I wonder what ever happened to …” moments today. I thought of a guy I knew in high school, actually the first boy I ever kissed. We went to a dance together and maybe … Continue reading

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Senior Benefits

My husband joined AARP when he became eligible a few years ago. Since then, I stood on the technicality that he is the member and I have benefits as his spouse. Last week, though, I received my first senior discount. … Continue reading

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Tribe of Women

I was raised in a tribe of women. From the time I was born, I lived with only women; early on with just my mother and later with my mother, grandmother, great-grandmother and my aunt. In spite of our actual … Continue reading

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Remembering Ron Santo

Last night I was thrilled to be part of the crowd gathered to honor Ron Santo as his statue at Wrigley Field was unveiled. Ron’s family was there, along with former teammates Ernie Banks, Billie Williams, Fergie Jenkins, and many … Continue reading

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My Faithful Sidekick

I work at home and often, the work is solitary. Sometimes it’s just nice to have another living, breathing being around. After the first six months alone, I caught a program on television about pets and pet adoption. It was … Continue reading

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Daughters of the American Revolution

When I was a girl, my mother told me about the Daughters of the American Revolution and how members could trace their heritage back to an ancestor who had fought in the Revolutionary War. I was just a girl and … Continue reading

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Hello world!

Today I’m launching my first blog. I’m very excited to be making my entrance into the online world. I’m also nervous about the commitment to blog on a regular basis. First things first A little about me. I’m a personal … Continue reading

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