Never Too Late

About three years after my father-in-law passed away, my mother-in-law began keeping company with a gentleman who lived nearby.  We weren’t sure about the nature of the relationship, but we noticed he was around more and more.

One evening when we were gathered together to celebrate a birthday, she took his hand and addressed the table, “We have an announcement to make.  We’ve decide we want to spend the rest of our lives together.” She added that they would marry soon, because at their ages, they wanted to have as much time together as possible.

IMG_1242A few days later, my husband and I were together and he was giving me a hard time, just being a pain.  I shook my finger at him and said, “Listen, you can be replaced.  I just found out it’s not too late.”

The next time we were together, he shared this conversation with his mother.  I was  sure her response would be that no one could replace her precious son.   Instead, she reached over, touched my arm and said, “Honey, just make sure you get one that can walk!”

I just love my mother-in-law!

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