Remembering Payphones

I bought a new cell phone yesterday.  The purchase was simple, but the update process was running slowly because the data network was jammed.  Tell me, how can the AT&T store have a clogged network?  Don’t they know someone who can fix that?

Anyway, after making small talk with the salesman as we waited, I suggested he could move on to someone else and I would watch my phone update alone.  He said it would actually be better to go home and complete the process on my own network which would be faster than theirs.  It sounded like a good plan to me.

Once on the road, I realized my new phone was not yet capable of making or receiving calls.  I was uneasy; I’m not used to being out of touch anymore, even for the twenty minutes it took to get home. This got me to thinking.  Young people can’t imagine life Phoneboothsbefore cell phones and even those of us who are not so young have relied on them for a decade or more.  Before that we had payphones or did without.

I’ve been married for 34 years and there were certainly no cell phones when I was dating.  Heading out for date, I always made sure to have change for a payphone to call home, should the evening go awry. Even after we had been dating a while, I did this with my now husband.  Just to keep him on his toes, there were even times when I would insist he give me his change if I didn’t have any!

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