Show and Tell

antique toysOne very cold winter day, probably not unlike any of the many we’ve suffered through this winter, I brought my Barbie case to Show and Tell to share with my first grade class. On the way home my hands were so cold, even in my mittens, that I left my case behind on the sidewalk about halfway home. Tears were streaming down my face by the time my mother’s car pulled up alongside me and together we returned to retrieve Barbie before we headed home.

Even as an adult, I remember how precious Barbie was to me. I can’t begin to imagine how desperately cold I must have been to leave my case behind so I could put my hands in my pockets. At six years old, I must have thought it was a matter of survival! Thank goodness, my mother saved the day.

I don’t have Barbie to share anymore, but Show and Tell is back! We’re starting a grown up version later this month. We’ll gather a group of people together to share their treasures and the stories about what makes them so special. I’ll probably start by sharing the compass from my father’s ship. I imagine people will bring old photos or letters, maybe a special antique bowl or a favorite piece of jewelry. I’m sure I’ll be surprised!

Show & Tell for Adults will be open to anyone who wants to show and tell or just watch and listen. Beverages and food will be available. There will be no admission charge, but plenty of laughter and happy memories.

Be sure to Like us on our new Facebook page or join our new Meetup group. I’ll post information both places as soon as it becomes available. I hope to see you there!


Show & Tell for Adults began Wednesday, March 12. It will be held the second Wednesday of each month, from 7:00 to 8:30 at Mrs. P & Me, 100 East Prospect Avenue in Mount Prospect, Illinois.

Show & Tell for Adults will have a special one time event on Wednesday, May 21 from 6:00 to 8:00 at Lynfred Winery – Wheeling, 971 North Milwaukee Avenue in Wheeling, Illinois. Wine tastings or wine by the glass will be available for purchase.

If you want to attend, but live out of the area, contact me and I’ll try to refer you to a Show and Tell event near you.

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