I have some Facebook friends who, each day, post three reasons they are grateful. While I am actively seeking to adopt an “Attitude of Gratitude,” I haven’t chosen to publicly share my gifts each day. Today, I’m making an exception.

Just back from a warm weather vacation, I’ve struggled the last two days to venture out into the cold (or even out from under the covers!) In my plans, it was supposed to be spring when I returned from vacation. Instead, it is gray, misty, windy and in the 30’s where I live.


And then, this morning, I heard something that made me incredibly grateful. The people on the radio were talking about kids and spring sports. I realized that I am ever so grateful that I am not attending softball games right now. In my experience, there is nothing colder. My son played football and my daughter played softball.

Most of the football season here runs through some of the best weather of the year. When it does get cold, the fans sit huddled together, shielding one another from the wind and the cold.

Softball, on the other hand, is played largely in weather like we have right now. High school softball is played in the cold, the wind and the mist. Once, my daughter actually slipped on snow running the bases. By the time the weather gets nice, the season is over.

Softball fans typically sit swaddled in blankets, in lawn chairs out in the open. Senior year, I happened upon a cushion that had a gel insert I could heat in the microwave before heading out to the game. It was awesome! Wrapped in my blanket, with my insulated boots, long underwear and warm buns, I made it through those games.

So that’s what I’m grateful for today. I’m in my warm house, writing at my desk, sipping my tea and occasionally petting the dog, leaving “spring” softball to the next shift of devoted parents.

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