With This Ring . . .

CigarOnce I finally convinced him to marry me, I would have been happy with a cigar band. But no, not him. He sold jewelry when he was in college. We needed to find a wedding band he had never sold or seen. We were on a mission. After a lot of searching, we found a custom jeweler who created our beautiful rings.

The day before the wedding, I went in to pick them up. The clerk came out with two rings in a box, my unique wedding band, and a standard gold woman’s band. Calm and collected as I was that day, I burst into tears. Fortunately, after a few calls, they located my future husband’s ring at another workshop and arranged to get it back in time.

Wedding RingOther than the four months before and after the birth of each of my children, I’ve always worn my ring. Friends marvel that I do so when I play golf, but I learned that lesson the hard way. Early in my golfing experience, I lost all my rings one evening at a driving range. Waiting for my husband to return to the car, I reached into my shirt pocket to retrieve my rings and they were gone! Sobbing, I rushed back to the range to look for them. To make matters worse, it was the end of the night and darkness had set it. Strangers stopped to help as I frantically searched the grass by the light of a flashlight.

Fortunately, my husband found them all. The very next day, I arranged to have molds made of our wedding bands. In the event one of us does lose a ring, another can be crafted. It wouldn’t be quite the same as having the original, but a duplicate would still be better than the sorrow of being without. I’ve grown quite attached to my wedding ring and the union it represents!


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