Time Out Outside

My grandchildren were playing happily outside one afternoon when a little pushing ensued. They were taking turns going down the slide, but that turned into a race to see who could get to the top first. The little one was climbing the ladder when his older sister realized it was a quickest way to the top. She tried to push her brother out of the way.

It wasn’t a big deal, but I knew it could have been if they were a little higher up the ladder. Instantly, I stopped the action and set aside a chair for the culprit to spend a little “time out.”

Time out outside


“There’s no time out outside!” she complained indignantly.

“Well, sure there is,” I responded.

Valiantly, she argued her case, but Nana was unmoved. Into the chair she went, still under protest. I set the timer on my phone for three minutes and handed it to her to hold.

“When the timer goes off, you can come back and play.”

She continued to plead her case for another minute or so. Then my grandson pulled up a chair and sat right next to her. So much for that! I think she got the point, anyway.


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