My Morning Soundtrack

Most evenings, my husband and I share a glass of wine by the fire. When it’s cold, that fire is in our fireplace. When it’s not cold (or not too cold), the fire is in our firepit outside. As we mull over our days, we listen to quiet music, usually smooth jazz or classical. It’s the quiet part of the day as we wind down toward slumber.

So why is it that each and every morning, both as I awake and during that transitional time before, I have a country song playing in my head? It’s not always the same song, it’s not even necessarily a song I like. It starts early, before my husband starts to stir, and plays like a soundtrack, weaving its way through whatever dream I’m enjoying. The problem is, part of my consciousness wants to sing along and the dream is derailed.

RadioI listen to music a lot and my taste is diverse. At my desk, my choice depends on the work at hand. Regular work might be accompanied by a Pandora station inspired by Adele. Intense focus requires a background of “Classical Music for Studying,” another Pandora station. With my grandchildren, I play soundtracks from Disney movies. In the car, I usually listen to country music.

What is it about the country music that trumps everything else as my mind moves from asleep to awake? Frankly, it can be a little jarring at times. I could use a gentler transition. Sometimes, I just wish I knew how to change the station in my head!


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