Sharing Your Own Story – Step 2

I wrote earlier about how creating lists is a good way to start saving your story. The next step is to consider a theme. How will you tell your story or the story of your loved one?

  • Do you want to tell in it chronological order?Theme
  • Maybe you want to collect the top ten stories you want to save.
  • You could focus on a specific period of time, such as a specific event, a “day in the life” or a decade.
  • You might want to share an important experience such as military service, parenthood or infertility.
  • Perhaps you want to document a meaningful accomplishment such as overcoming an obstacle, achieving a goal or starting a business.
  • Some people choose to focus on a relationship such as marriage, a special friend or mentor/mentee.
  • Do you want to preserve the story of your career or business?
  • You might share your lifelong hobby of flying, cooking, or whatever you love.
  • Sometimes, people recognize an overall theme to their life such as a love of travel, service to others or being lucky.

Many people consider the project of sharing a life as overwhelming. Maybe following one of these suggestions would be more approachable. The important thing is to start somewhere, anywhere. Whether it’s your own life or someone else’s, don’t wait to preserve those stories for friends, loved ones and future generations. In my next blog, I’ll share different formats to preserve those stories.

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